ABORTTI 13 and DIRECT YOUTH is coming to Barrikaden!

poster24. april

Scandinavias union of pissed off hardcore-punx in all ages and sizes comes together this weekend for a serious counterpolitical monstermash!

ABORTTI 13 has been delivering sour riffs and bitter beats since early 80’s and is coming for the first time to Barrikaden. Straight out of the dark forests of Finland.
For fans of finnish hardcore.

Listen: https://abortti13.bandcamp.com/

DIRECT YOUTH gives you just what the name implies; young and pissed off active punx from Ungdomshuset. Playing no compromise, stripped down hardcore punk. Just how we like it. Members of Dårligt Selskab, Polio & Julie etc.

Listen: https://directyouth.bandcamp.com/releases

ANTI-SOCIAL REJECTS; the band that needs no further introduction. Pogo-friendly, local and totally out of order!

Listen: http://urort.p3.no/#!/Band/AntiSocialRejects

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